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Thursday, September 06, 2007
A long lost scribe

Something just hit me.

What people mean by progression and development, or more of what i understand from it, depends from each individual's point of view.

A country can be so rich and modern, but the development of the citizen's mentality could be far way behind as compared to countries that are poor but contented with what they already have.

I guess if we didnt have any borders...

As i grow older and in some funny way, mature, i look back at all the things i've written, said and done throughout my life so far; these thoughts, rants and scribbles made me think again why my mindset, after some time changed.

It's quite funny and at times, it gives one's self a reflection of what and who one used to be and is.

Change is inevitable in a way, but somehow it's not for us to forget our past or to regret who we were and used to be. Regretting it somehow shouldn't be the option but embracing it makes it all the better.

People might talk but these are the things that make part of us stronger and more prepared for the things ahead and somehow shapes us into what we are and will be.
*wierd mind i do have*

My rants are but mere thoughts.

To every People is a term
Appointed: when their term
Is reached, not an hour
Can they cause delay,
Nor (an hour) can they
Advance (it in anticipation).
(Surah Al-A'rāf:34)

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
We, the sponges of the world.

It is quite funny, how after a very long pause away from books and thoughts, makes your head so empty..hahah

Learnt about child psychology a little bit during a certain training.And i have to admit, it made me think again after so long not using my head..geheheh

We are in some way like sponges..We absorb everything around us and although we don't know it, we turn into what is around us..we become our environment.

There are also different type of sponges, for example what the sponges are made out of and how much it can actualy absorb.
In a way, sponges are also unique. Not each sponge is the same as the other. It comes in different shapes, sizes and colours.

And after a number of years, the quality of absorption depletes. It does not though mean, that it can't absorb anymore but it just doesn't absorb just as much as it used to when it was still brand new.

Somehow, we are, in a peculiar way, just like sponges...Don't you think?? heheh

My rants are but mere thoughts.

From the land that is clean
And good, by the Will
Of its Cherisher, springs up
Produce, (rich) after its kind:
But from the land that is
Bad, springs up nothing
But that which is niggardly:
Thus do we explain the Signs
By various (symbols) to those
Who are grateful.
(Surah Al-A'rāf:58)

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Saturday, November 18, 2006
Oh my gosh, I AM a pixie!!hahah

You scored as Faerie. Faerie: Aren't you a cute little flying person? Faeries are earth spirits. They live among each element completely hidden. They have cousins called Pixies. Pixies however, are very mischevious. They enjoy tormenting other creatures for fun. Little pranksters.. I hope you never meet one. Pixies have a bad reputation for finding a creature and clinging to them until death. Faeries can be somewhat close to a Pixie, but mostly they are loving, playful, and carry with them a child-like enthusiasm for life. Hide among the pedals of a Daisy, you are a Faerie.













What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)
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Monday, June 12, 2006
And that is how it goes

i no longer hear the sound of Bumbo biting his cage or the noise he makes climbing his cage trying to find a place where he could actually escape from his little hub we made specially for him.

i no longer see Kelly hanging around the kitchen anymore lying there lazing around tempting us just to sit by her, pet her and spoil her.No more passing by the kitchen and seeing her clean her already spotless fur. I MISS HER...

Maybe i miss her because when I feel so down, all i have to do is sit by her and she won't even ask or say anything.She's just there. No judgement, no assumptions..

Death..Why do we mourn about it? Why don't we rejoice and accept it as we usually do with birth? i am not saying, every birth is celebrated and every death brings sadness. It's just that, if both death and birth is part of a cycle of life, why is it still hard for certain people to accept death?

Death feels like an end of a certain chapter and the beginning of a new story to be told.In my point of view, it ends some part of miseries and it leaves a sense of mystery and history. It leaves beautiful and unspoken things.

i am not implying that if any of the ones i loved around me passed away, i would feel nothing and am unremorseful.It's just that i  think they would be a little bit more relaxed  and worry-free. I would surely miss them dearly and that is a true fact.

My rants are but mere thoughts

To all are degrees (or ranks)
According to their deeds:
For thy Lord
Is not unmindful
Of anything that they do
(Surah al-An'ām:132)

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Friday, June 09, 2006
The Time Is Now

Love knows no boundaries. It can change one to hatred, vengeance or it can turn one stronger.

I am not only implying the love between two people but generally as a whole.Love within a family bond, love for a particular interest or love simply and plainly just as it is.

Unspoken love is tragic. It hinders one from knowing what would have become and what would have been. Should we then speak out our love, or should we wait until the right moment comes?
Then again, isn't the right moment every single moment?
Love brings out the best in all of us and could be a reason for us to strive.Passion bewilders us and pushes us to make the most of our abilities.

Fear of expressing love can cause a stir.Why is it that some of us are so afraid at confessing our emotions?
Is it the fear of what is to come next? Shouldn't it actually give us the thrill? Or would it cause discomfort and awkwardness after that??

~Women are like the police, they could have all the evidence in the world but they still want the confession~
This was what one of my friend had on his MSN ID for a couple of days.

Funny as it may sound, but in my point of view, it can be quite true.Some say actions speak louder than words but sometimes words have a certain amount of effect and it could extend greater than we would ever think.

My rants are but mere thoughts

There is not an animal
(That lives) on the earth,
Nor a being that flies
On its wings, but (forms
Part of) communities like you.
Nothing have We ommitted
From the Book, and they (all)
Shall be gathered to their Lord
In the end.
(Surah Al-An'ām:38)

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Monday, February 06, 2006
The things that hit me

At times reality just knocks us on the head, surprises us, excites us, scares us and brings all kinds of emotions into us.Some of us try to hide or run away from reality, some of us accept and endure the things to come with patience and perseverence, i, personally, don't have any opinion on that matter.

Sometimes, some of us create our own small little world to be free in, our own utopia. It gives one pleasure and freedom. And most of all, it gives part of us hope, that maybe, in some peculiar or unprecedented way, it COULD happen or it WILL happen if we were to want it so badly.

Anything is possible nowadays.When something big strikes, the little things that normally didn't matter, becomes part of a discussion. This, i guess, is a norm.

All types of emotions  runs through us.Some easy to express, some difficult to express even in words or actions. Maybe thats why, Oxford and all those other dictionaries have to keep updating their dicitonaries form time to time just to be ahead of those coming up with new words...heheh

Then again, why do we need to let a dictionary define a certain meaning of a word when all of us have different ways of interpreting certain things?? I wonder...
Maybe it does help a little bit in some peculiar ways that dictionaries do.

My rants are but mere thoughts.

Behold! how they lie
Against their own souls!
But the (lie) which they
Invented will leave them
In the lurch.
(Surah Al-An'ām:24)

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Sunday, February 05, 2006
That I would be good

Everyone has the ability and strength to be anyone they ever wanted.Anytime.It is only up to the individual to recognise this ability and to act in with all of one's strength.Some of us have the tendency to know our potential, some of us choose to ignore and some of us were never told of our capacity.

The decision and paths chosen are all made by us.We could change the world if we wanted and at the same time, we could destroy the world.It is all in our own hands. The world wouldn't be what it is to date, if we didn't act out our aptitudes.The world as it is, is already beautiful.

Yes, we cannot run away from famine, war(this is another thing i've been pondering), sorrow and demise.Therefore, we strive and push ourselves to the limit of our own potentiality. Will we ever be satisfied and assuaged knowing there is a possibility of achieving better? Some of  us strive on discontentment.

This is the true beauty of everything on the the face of this earth.

My rants are but mere thoughts.

What is the life of this world
But play and amusement?
But best is the Home
In the Hereafter, for those
Who are righteous.
Will ye not then understand?
(Surah Al-An'ām:32)

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Friday, January 13, 2006
What is it with prejudism

Having something ruins everything.

What if we actually have a certain mindset.Does it make things harder for us to accept change?

In some ways, having something does ruin a part of things. We put our hopes so high on a certain thing that when it doesn't turn out the way we want it, it just breaks us so bad.On the other hand, it could make us stronger, wiser, more vulnerable or more of something we never were before.Is being prejudice a horrble thing?What is the difference between generalising a certain thing and prejudicing a certain thing?

Then again, if we never had it,we wouldn't know how it would be having a certain thing and taking the risk of trying something new or experiencing something different.

Each of us has a different kind of perspective on certain things.It is only human for us to act the way most of us do on the face of this earth.But then again, isn't there space for change and compromise?
We already have it, we just haven't looked at the right place.We think we have, but sometimes there's that small little speck of place we forgot to give a little care for.Eventhough not many people see it, the place is still beautiful.Maybe because we're so comfortable in our own little worlds, that little speck doesn't really make much diference.It's not wrong.Nothing is wrong.Different maybe, but not wrong.

My rants are but mere thoughts.

Say:"Travel through the earth
And see what was the end
Of those who rejected Truth."
(Surah Al-An'ām:11)

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Thursday, January 12, 2006
Words can Heal and Words can Harm

i received a random email with this title.It caught my eye.Words have ways into turning things around.A single word can be inepreted in so many different ways.So, is it actually one's fault if one of us understands a certain thing in a different perspective?

The power of words is enormous.It may change a person's life or it can break the person.Sometimes, we say things we do not mean but sometimes , the scars last for quite some time.Try as we may, things just slip out of our mouth.But should one regret it or should one take it as a lesson depends all up to the individual.

Things i have written in my blog are random thoughts i sometimes ponder.It may have had an effect on certain people and it may not.This i would not know.When one says, "choose your words wisely"..What is the message they are trying to convey?. Think before you speak? Say the things people want to hear? Have a certain etiquette when talking to someone?

Words have variations.If we could understand that, maybe we would understand why others act the way they do.Then again, the world won't be perfect without any flaws.

My rants are but mere thoughts.

"From every Message
Is a limit of time,
And soon shall ye
Know it."
(Surah Al-An'ām:67)

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Saturday, October 29, 2005
Two sides of a coin

It's ironic how some people talk about how others are so selfish when we forget to reflect at our own pampered lives.What are the neccesities and priorities in our lives?
Everyone has different and various answers.i guess the world wouldn't be how it is today without it.Is it good or bad, you ask? i have not a clue.Will our self-centered ego one day just drain off and give way to think about the whole world?

Why is being self-centered depicted as a selfish act? Is it? or is it known as confidence in ourselves to voice out our thoughts and views?

Why is being in poverty not seen as a fortune? is it? or is it taken as another valuable lesson through life?

i guess every situation has another side to it. No matter what we think, there's always hidden miracles and stories behind it.Maybe one has to go through the situation first hand to understand and realize what it actually means.i have no clue what i am ranting about.

My rants are but mere thoughts.

See they not how many
Of those before them
We did destroy?-
Generations We had established
On the earth, in strength
Such as We have not given
To you- for whom
We poured out rain
From the skies in abundance,
And gave (fertile) streams
Flowing beneath their (feet):
Yet for their sins
We destroyed them,
And raised in their wake
Fresh generations
(To succeed them).
(Surah al-An'ām:6)

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