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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
What boredom can do to me...

i'm in hufflepuff!You are Peace

  You are Peace. You are at peace with your self and the world
around you. You have balance in your life and
exude tranquility from every pore of your body.
People are constantly asking you "what is
your secret?"

What Emotion Are You?
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I REALLY need to get out of the house more often. This doing nothing thing at home is SO tiring. Well, yeah, I have to take care of my bro and all but I'm not doing anything that's REALLY REALLY meaningful..
Okay, I know it sounds stupid.

Out of mere boredom, I will tell you the story of the picture at the side section.
This was taken at my hometown, there's a picture of the house in my
photo blog.
Anyway, I was in this mood where all I was thinking of was myself and I felt like no one really mattered which , to me, isn't a very nice feeling to have, but well, I'm just a mere HOMO SAPIEN..hehehe

I felt like I wanted to dissapear, like I didn't want to exist. I guess, that was the closest I could ever get to NOT wanting to be in the world. I didn't REALLY feel good because I could still hear other people's voices.. You know, all the screaming and the nagging and the gossips and the cheerfulness. Hey, I have a big family okay!!

Anyhoot, sometimes, I still feel that way. It's like, you feel you really care about everything around you but at the same time, you want to have this place where you can do everything by yourself. Earn your own living. Be thoroughly independant. But, then again, there's someone out there you have to help, listen and watch over.

That's how I feel anyway.. Gosh, I sound pathetic.. I guess that's what happens when you have nothing to do!! hehehe ;p

My rants are but mere thoughts

And cover not Truth
With falsehood, nor conceal
The Truth when ye know (what it is).
(Surah al-Baqarah:42)

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Monday, January 26, 2004
The irony of it all

I find it hard to understand why some of us get mad at others when they put a price on us like ,say, I said you were worth only a penny in the market. I guess some would be shouting back at me on how we all don't have a price. We're priceless, too valuable to even be put a price.

But the sad thing is, we put price tags on animals. Sell them as  if they are but mere toys to us. Aren't they living things too? Don't they breath the same air you and I do? Shouldn't they be treated just as equals when we say HUMAN RIGHTS!! (hehehe ,just kidding!!) It really makes me cry seeing all those beautiful, adorable, selfless creatures being put behind bars waiting for someone to buy them and show them off, parading them majestically.

Yes, I admit I have pets too but I guess, they also take control of the house sometimes when they spray and everything (but I hate it when they do that..hehehe) . I don't know why, but even the neighbour's cat would rather come to my house and eat food. I try shooing him back home so as to not look like we're taking him or something but he just doesn't want to go back to his house..

*sigh* Wierd cat *shakes head*

Someday, I hope I could buy all the pet shops in the whole wide world and let all those animals roam around free or maybe....

I should capture some poor human being and put them in cages an put price tags on them and then wait and see who would buy them .. MWAHAHAH *evil laughter*

Okay, that was scary.. forget what I just ranted

My rants are but mere thoughts

O ye who believe!
Spend out of (the bounties)
We have provided for you,
Before the Day comes
When no bargaining
(Will avail) nor friendship
Nor intercession.
Those who reject Faith-they
Are the wrongdoers.
(Surah al-Baqarah:254)  

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Friday, January 16, 2004
Beautiful Nature..

I was wondering..How beautiful and compromising nature is to mankind.

Nature let's mankind trample all over them so as to let mankind go through mordernization.We let some wildlife homeless just so that buildings could be built and electricity to every home could be achieved.

Yes, of course we give home to these wildlife. But they get a much smaller place than we do.And, suddenly when an unwanted creature comes into the house, we curse and shoo it away. But weren't they the ones who first owned the place, weren't they the ones that gave life to the place??

But, I guess, they don't mind leting us have our ways. I mean, look at how understanding they are, how adorable, how wonderful they are.

Comparing a criminal or a person to an animal, I feel, would be an insult to the animals. They're so THEM!!..hihihi

Anyhoot, it's just what I think.

My rants are but mere thoughts.

Here is a Message for mankind:
Let them take warning therefrom,
And let them know that Allah
Is (no other than) One God:
Let men of understanding
Take heed.
(Surah Ibrahim:52)

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
My wierd mind steers...

It's funny what you think of when you have nothing to do...well, sort of

Most of the time we hear someone saying that we should be open-minded or that they're open-minded. The irony is some of us have our own likes and dislikes. Isn't that sort of already being close-minded of one thing??

We tell others to accept differences but then when we see something than doesn't make ourselves happy, we dislike it...Isn't that already not accepting differences??

Okay, I better stop jotting nonsense...It's only what I think anyway..

My rants are but mere thoughts

Say: Will ye dispute
With us about Allah, seeing
That He is our Lord
And your Lord; that we
Are responsible for our doings
And ye for yours; and that
We are sincere (in our faith)
In Him?
(Surah al-Baqarah: 139)

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Monday, January 12, 2004
I'm my ownself

9 more months and I'll be turning a year older... It's not that I don't want to but it's scary.

When you were a little girl or guy, your head doesn't think that much. All you really think about was toys and beautiful rainbows and how wonderful everything was. But when you start growing up you start being serious about things and taking it WAY too personally...and that's scary.

I'm confuzzled but when I look at my li'l bro, I always smile and remember the good times.. it's better that way.. I try not to think of myself too much.. hehehe

I can be soooooo corny at times...*bleurghh*..hihihi

Anyhoot, I went to my grandparents' house yesterday to celebrate my li'l cousin's birthday who turned 1..she's really big..bigger than my brother but she still doesn't know how to walk..

I feel really frustrated with myself yesterday for forgetting to bring my camera. I hate myself for that.. I couldn't take any pictures when I was there and lots of wonderful things took place.. Oh well, it's over anyhoot... ;p

My rants are but mere thoughts

It is not righteousness
That ye turn your faces
Towards East or West;
But it is righteousness-
To believe in Allah
And the Last Day,
And the Angels,
And the Book,
And the Messengers;
To spend you substance,
Out of love for Him,
For your kin,
For orphans,
For the needy,
For the wayfarer,
For those who ask,
And for the ransom of slaves;
To be staedfast in prayer,
And practice regular charity,
To fulfil the contracts
Which ye have made;
And to be firm and patient,
In pain (or suffering)
And adversity,
And throughout
All periods of panic.
Such are the people
Of truth, the God-fearing.
(Surah al-Baqarah:177)

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Friday, January 09, 2004
Look-see, look-see...hihi

Complete sincerity: You believe in being
straightforward with others, and you expect the
same from them. People would consider you a
good listener, and one who is calm and mostly

Which Characteristic From the Samurai Code Matches You Best? (You may find out your best trait)
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And make not
Allah's (name) an excuse
In your oaths against
Doing good, or acting rightly,
Or making peace
Between persons;
For Allah is One
Who heareth and knoweth
All things
(Surah al-Baqarah:224)

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Saturday, January 03, 2004
Life is beautiful, colourful and unpredictable

I was bored and blurry. So, I thought I'd make a place called a photo blog to put all my treasured photos in.

I called it we are because it's not only about me but it is about everything around. I put a little sort of text header that has a metaphoric meaning.. It's kinda corny I think...hehehe

Go see it!! It will always be under "My Means
Feel free to comment on the pictures if you want... ;p hihihi

My rants are but mere thoughts

How can ye reject
The faith in Allah? - Seeing that ye were without life,
And He gave you life;
Then will He cause you to die,
And will again bring you to life;
And again to Him will ye return.
(Surah al-Baqarah: 28)

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Thursday, January 01, 2004
Happy Birthday to the world!!!! *sorta* :P

Wow, a lot happened on new year's eve and  new years.
Went and made my passport and got a new "New-Year's-Eve Haircut"....hehehe

Today, I went and PRACTICED,....I repeat P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E-D,practiced cycling...errr, yeah, I know, I've finished secondary school and I still don't know ow to cycle.

But,HEY!!!...Now, I sorta can ride the bicycle so it's not that I don't know!!!

Err,well, everyone has accidents when they're learning stuff ,right?? That's part of learning, RIGHT? RIGHT? RIGHT?
Fine!!! As I was getting out of the house I went in the middle of the road so a cab honked at me then I rammed in a parked car and I think I dented the number plate *blush*.

And, hehe, I know your gonna say I'm crazy but IT WAS THE CAR'S FAULT,well, not really *looks away* ...I saw a car in front of me and I panicked and lost cntrol of the bike so I grabbed hold of the next thing near me... Guess what it was??? IT WAS A CACTUS TREE!!! Now, I've got loadsa splinters in my right hand and it's starting to feel numb...err...hehehe??

But, you should've seen my hand before I took off all those thorns!!.. My hand looked like a porcupine...*giggle* 

Anyhoot, thanks to all the people who has tagged me and commented on me, you guys really lighten me up and I'd like to wish everyone a


My rants are but mere thoughts

"Those who believe (in the Qur'an),
And those who follow thy Jewish (scriptures)
And the Christians and the Sabians -
Any who believe in Allah
And the Last Day,
And work righteousness,
Shall have their reward
With their Lord; on them
Shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve."
(Surah al-Baqarah: 62)

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Feelings that affect us....

I don't understand anything anymore. I feel very numb right now. All the people that I thought could be counted as someone I could tell everything to seems like they've got theirs and it doesn't have my picture in it. I feel like thrash but most of it is about how I feel. I'm trying my best not to think of it. I feel like living in solitude so that I would be alone and not care about anything.

But, the only thing I can do now is to stop thinking of what I want and what the world needs. If I don't have anyone to call my own than I don't care. I wouldn't anone else to feel the way I do.

I want to be there for everyone that I can and not have secrets of my own yet keep the secrets that others share and help others.

The best remedy to what I feel now is forget about those small people and think of others whose lives I'd like to light up.... ;p

My rants are but mere thoughts

As to those who reject Faith,
It is the same to them
Whether thou warn them
Or do not warn them;
They will not believe
(Surah Al-Baqarah:6)

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Friday, December 26, 2003
Everything that I have, I throw away

Has anyone ever counted how many times in a day they said the word I.

Yeah, some say it's a waste of time,right?.. But isn't that what you're thinking and not others?
If we didn't think that counting the amount of time all of said I, everyone would know by now that more than half of the day we only think of ourselves.

I guess it's okay to live that way ,right???
I mean, that's how I'M seeing it.... Not anyone else but only me.... ;D

My rants are but mere thoughts

Fair in the eyes of men
Is the love of things they covet:
Women and sons;
Heaped-up hoards
Of gold and silver; horses Branded (for blood and excellence);
And (wealth of) cattle
And well-tilled land.
Such are the possesions
Of this world's life;
But in nearness to Allah
Is the best of the goals
(To return to).
(Surah al-Imran:14)

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