Entry: What is it with prejudism Friday, January 13, 2006

Having something ruins everything.

What if we actually have a certain mindset.Does it make things harder for us to accept change?

In some ways, having something does ruin a part of things. We put our hopes so high on a certain thing that when it doesn't turn out the way we want it, it just breaks us so bad.On the other hand, it could make us stronger, wiser, more vulnerable or more of something we never were before.Is being prejudice a horrble thing?What is the difference between generalising a certain thing and prejudicing a certain thing?

Then again, if we never had it,we wouldn't know how it would be having a certain thing and taking the risk of trying something new or experiencing something different.

Each of us has a different kind of perspective on certain things.It is only human for us to act the way most of us do on the face of this earth.But then again, isn't there space for change and compromise?
We already have it, we just haven't looked at the right place.We think we have, but sometimes there's that small little speck of place we forgot to give a little care for.Eventhough not many people see it, the place is still beautiful.Maybe because we're so comfortable in our own little worlds, that little speck doesn't really make much diference.It's not wrong.Nothing is wrong.Different maybe, but not wrong.

My rants are but mere thoughts.

Say:"Travel through the earth
And see what was the end
Of those who rejected Truth."
(Surah Al-An'ām:11)

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January 25, 2006   05:16 PM PST
nice, cozy place you got here :)..

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