Entry: The things that hit me Monday, February 06, 2006

At times reality just knocks us on the head, surprises us, excites us, scares us and brings all kinds of emotions into us.Some of us try to hide or run away from reality, some of us accept and endure the things to come with patience and perseverence, i, personally, don't have any opinion on that matter.

Sometimes, some of us create our own small little world to be free in, our own utopia. It gives one pleasure and freedom. And most of all, it gives part of us hope, that maybe, in some peculiar or unprecedented way, it COULD happen or it WILL happen if we were to want it so badly.

Anything is possible nowadays.When something big strikes, the little things that normally didn't matter, becomes part of a discussion. This, i guess, is a norm.

All types of emotions  runs through us.Some easy to express, some difficult to express even in words or actions. Maybe thats why, Oxford and all those other dictionaries have to keep updating their dicitonaries form time to time just to be ahead of those coming up with new words...heheh

Then again, why do we need to let a dictionary define a certain meaning of a word when all of us have different ways of interpreting certain things?? I wonder...
Maybe it does help a little bit in some peculiar ways that dictionaries do.

My rants are but mere thoughts.

Behold! how they lie
Against their own souls!
But the (lie) which they
Invented will leave them
In the lurch.
(Surah Al-An'ām:24)

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May 10, 2006   09:42 PM PDT
Hey Richard!! hahah
Don't bleed your head over this text!! PLEASE!! hahah..As I wrote..It's just mere rantings...
It's just that, sometimes there are things that happen to us that are so hard to explain and sometimes has just sooo many ways in interpreting it.
Sometimes we run away from it, sometimes we accept it..
Maybe because my text doesn't really imply to anyone specifically and is just a general statement...heheh..
Let me know if I actually did succeed in making you understand the text...hahah
Have a nice day!!
May 10, 2006   07:56 PM PDT
I must be having a thick attack or something... but I'm struggleing to understand what your point is....
can you condense this text down into just a few lines ( that dont have questions )

please dont think I'm knocking you, I just want to understand what you have to say

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