Entry: The Time Is Now Friday, June 09, 2006

Love knows no boundaries. It can change one to hatred, vengeance or it can turn one stronger.

I am not only implying the love between two people but generally as a whole.Love within a family bond, love for a particular interest or love simply and plainly just as it is.

Unspoken love is tragic. It hinders one from knowing what would have become and what would have been. Should we then speak out our love, or should we wait until the right moment comes?
Then again, isn't the right moment every single moment?
Love brings out the best in all of us and could be a reason for us to strive.Passion bewilders us and pushes us to make the most of our abilities.

Fear of expressing love can cause a stir.Why is it that some of us are so afraid at confessing our emotions?
Is it the fear of what is to come next? Shouldn't it actually give us the thrill? Or would it cause discomfort and awkwardness after that??

~Women are like the police, they could have all the evidence in the world but they still want the confession~
This was what one of my friend had on his MSN ID for a couple of days.

Funny as it may sound, but in my point of view, it can be quite true.Some say actions speak louder than words but sometimes words have a certain amount of effect and it could extend greater than we would ever think.

My rants are but mere thoughts

There is not an animal
(That lives) on the earth,
Nor a being that flies
On its wings, but (forms
Part of) communities like you.
Nothing have We ommitted
From the Book, and they (all)
Shall be gathered to their Lord
In the end.
(Surah Al-An'ām:38)

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