Entry: Words can Heal and Words can Harm Thursday, January 12, 2006

i received a random email with this title.It caught my eye.Words have ways into turning things around.A single word can be inepreted in so many different ways.So, is it actually one's fault if one of us understands a certain thing in a different perspective?

The power of words is enormous.It may change a person's life or it can break the person.Sometimes, we say things we do not mean but sometimes , the scars last for quite some time.Try as we may, things just slip out of our mouth.But should one regret it or should one take it as a lesson depends all up to the individual.

Things i have written in my blog are random thoughts i sometimes ponder.It may have had an effect on certain people and it may not.This i would not know.When one says, "choose your words wisely"..What is the message they are trying to convey?. Think before you speak? Say the things people want to hear? Have a certain etiquette when talking to someone?

Words have variations.If we could understand that, maybe we would understand why others act the way they do.Then again, the world won't be perfect without any flaws.

My rants are but mere thoughts.

"From every Message
Is a limit of time,
And soon shall ye
Know it."
(Surah Al-An'ām:67)

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