Entry: That I would be good Sunday, February 05, 2006

Everyone has the ability and strength to be anyone they ever wanted.Anytime.It is only up to the individual to recognise this ability and to act in with all of one's strength.Some of us have the tendency to know our potential, some of us choose to ignore and some of us were never told of our capacity.

The decision and paths chosen are all made by us.We could change the world if we wanted and at the same time, we could destroy the world.It is all in our own hands. The world wouldn't be what it is to date, if we didn't act out our aptitudes.The world as it is, is already beautiful.

Yes, we cannot run away from famine, war(this is another thing i've been pondering), sorrow and demise.Therefore, we strive and push ourselves to the limit of our own potentiality. Will we ever be satisfied and assuaged knowing there is a possibility of achieving better? Some of  us strive on discontentment.

This is the true beauty of everything on the the face of this earth.

My rants are but mere thoughts.

What is the life of this world
But play and amusement?
But best is the Home
In the Hereafter, for those
Who are righteous.
Will ye not then understand?
(Surah Al-An'ām:32)

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