Entry: And that is how it goes Monday, June 12, 2006

i no longer hear the sound of Bumbo biting his cage or the noise he makes climbing his cage trying to find a place where he could actually escape from his little hub we made specially for him.

i no longer see Kelly hanging around the kitchen anymore lying there lazing around tempting us just to sit by her, pet her and spoil her.No more passing by the kitchen and seeing her clean her already spotless fur. I MISS HER...

Maybe i miss her because when I feel so down, all i have to do is sit by her and she won't even ask or say anything.She's just there. No judgement, no assumptions..

Death..Why do we mourn about it? Why don't we rejoice and accept it as we usually do with birth? i am not saying, every birth is celebrated and every death brings sadness. It's just that, if both death and birth is part of a cycle of life, why is it still hard for certain people to accept death?

Death feels like an end of a certain chapter and the beginning of a new story to be told.In my point of view, it ends some part of miseries and it leaves a sense of mystery and history. It leaves beautiful and unspoken things.

i am not implying that if any of the ones i loved around me passed away, i would feel nothing and am unremorseful.It's just that i  think they would be a little bit more relaxed  and worry-free. I would surely miss them dearly and that is a true fact.

My rants are but mere thoughts

To all are degrees (or ranks)
According to their deeds:
For thy Lord
Is not unmindful
Of anything that they do
(Surah al-An'ām:132)

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Lay hun
November 11, 2006   08:32 PM PST
hey girl...miss you so much. where are you now?
June 12, 2006   05:54 PM PDT
my point of view:
to accept death is hard. why? because its unexpected. we're not ready to see anybody we like&love to suddenly leave us.

ni lah i. suro blaja. gi comment on blog orang *runs to the study table*

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