shuwee » ahahahaha! i can't believe you've packed! i'm like going out on the 16th and at nite we have a wedding to go to.. LOL!
Nuhita » HEY!!! You found my blog!!mwahahah
shuwee » so thats why your nick is always pixie sumthing and pixie sumthing =D muahahah
Emily @ Leng » at last u've updated ur blog!!! I'm so happy to read ur msg my blog!!
Emily@Leng » miss ya!!!! >_< how r u?
allisan » dong!!!!! hehhehehehhehehe.... cepat balik cepat balik!!!!! hehehehhehehe....
Nuhita » hey sook ann!!!!! how´s things going on??of course i remember you!!! my classmate!!!heheh
Sook Ann » Hey gurls, still remember me?
Furry » Nuha, I MISS YOU!!!!Come back cepaaaaa!
Elysha » NUHAAAA!! i miss you so much. dya still remember me? are you doing? i didnt knw u blog. anyway, you've just been linked.
Karen » NUHA!! i miss you so much gurl !!
Nuhita » HEY FURRRYYY!!!! huhuhu...I'll try..kehkeh...connot promise-lah...when got something to ponder, i write-lah...huhuhu...
FRRRRR » tolongla update kerap2, ms nuha oi!LOL.
FarahMexx » Nuha. I nak buat a pet monkey nama u can??? plzzzzz. dun feel offended!!!
Nuhita » HEY MEXX!!! ..I MISS YOU!!!huhuh....hmmm..ada experience nampak...kehkeh...will try to be online..tgh enjoy habis exam and world cup!!! wakakak *rolls on floor* LOVE YA LOADS!! *hugs*
FarahMexx » Nuha! Unspoken love is tragic? hehe. yeah I agree. It hurts u know. Nuha I LOVE U! heheheheheh Online la.
Karen » NUHA! I miss you!
cawan » hey.. thanks for dropping by yea... i'm all for the humanity thingy bebeh!
Nuhita » hey Richard!! Thanks for dropping by and thanks afiq..find yourposts interesting too..heheh
Richard » hey... just thought I say hi my brain is still bleeding from trying to understand "The things that hit me" text. btw. where am I and who are you people? Peace
afiq » eh thanks for dropping by... keen on reading more of your post...
Nuhita » Hey Betz!!!Well, no new entries yet...Want to get over exams first...wakaka.....miss ya!! can't wait to see ya!!
afiq » aaah... teen blog.. nothing beats rebelious rants
B a i t y » oi no more updates ah?!
Nuhita » Hey KR..yeah, i guess i'll have to agree with you on that...everyone has their own perspective.That's a norm..heheh
kid » we are same..
KR » Increasing humanity? What is humanity? What is humane to some is not to others. Its impossible to increase humanity to fit everybodies perception of it.
Nuhita » hey meenz!!! yeah..i think so too...haish..but cannot do anything already..almost happened to me too...hehehe..i haven't watched girlfight..which one?? maybe go watch...kahkahkah
Meena » omg.~The code got typed out too. U're chatbox so strict la.. Now, I was about to say - there's a gal in Girlfight, the movie, who lookz like uuu..Spose to tell Mexx sumtin *heads over to Mexx's blog*
Meena » W2TK3
Nuhita » hahaha....i bet so too!!!!takpe, takpe...i'll run to you or away straight after a-levels..mwakaka...keep on enjoying it!!!
Mexx » JOHN? why John?? Mean? haishoo.. call tele dera! lol. I can't go bk. banyak cute guys kat sini woo.. hehe. kiddin
Nuhita » MEXX!!!! ceh ceh ceh....He's SOOOO mean!!! come back!! Now, he's turning into this John guy or something...stupid John!! ARGHHH!!MEXX!!!
Mexx » Amboi Syaril. Be good to my monkey la wey! kesian same die. bt if she refused to listen to u, dont feed her. wahahhahah!! Nuha I miss u heaps! U too syaril. U both come n visit me alrite. heehee
Syaril » Hey mexxy wexxy! hehe... Nuha sudah rindu her owner. I'm a very abusive penjaga. Muwhahaha
Nuhita » MEXX MEXX MEXX!!! MISSING YOU!!! huhuhu
Mexx » Nuha Nuha Nuha Nuha!!
Nuhita » Hey BETZ!!! I update it from time-to-time-lah but not frequent...hehe...let me know when you get your "new" one...huhu...and WTMP!! very funny!! I am VERY much alive!! *rasps*
Syaril » omg... are u like... dead?
B a i t y » oit i didn't knoe u still have ur blog. i should start another one.hehe. stumbled upon ur blog so i drop by to saay hi
Meena » Droppin by to wish you a Splendid New Years... & do jump start your lovely blog dear
AnenAn » Hey MEENA!!!! nice to hear from you...I don't blog that much nowaday... but thanks for dropping by!!
Meena » Hey U! I Love your posts Nuha!..its so full of sense..sheesh if only there were more peepz like you around..btw, got meself a blog all of a sudden, come come: Stay CoOL, c'ya round
AnenAn » hey dania!!! hehehe...sometimes i actually do look forward seeing you dropping by..hehe
dania »'re the epitome of unpredictable Just thought of dropping by eventhough you'll prolly read this 2 months later or a year later. Either ways, hope things are brighter for you
blueskelton » <-I made the Paparazzi Page plus my defense of Angelina Jolie
ann » hey Nuha, Ann spammin here
JinnEE » harlo nuha, remember me?
AnenAn » hehehe.. yeah, after SOOO long..mwahaha
Emily » at last u update ure blog GOOD!!!
Emily_c.leng » update update update ur blog so tat i know ure recent happen!!!
Emily » miss you so much... 1st time visiting ure bloggy >_<
dania » haah! where have you been!
AnenAn » UPDATED!!!..WELL, a little bit..huhuhu
hana d great » helloooooooooo,UPDATE will ya?heheee.
dania » Helloooo~! hahaha man feb 03? That's like a month ago! come back anenan!
AnenAn » time-mah!!
ganaesh » ah... finally you updated la! dah lama dah tunggu!
AnenAn » Updated a bit..hehehe
yoyo agogo » hey there! when are you going to update??!?!?
dania » really quiet here. *looks around*
AnenAn » hehehe
dania » dropping by to see how's everything. ah a new entry~!
AnenAn » I dun have enough time to write...I'm sorry..
mat » is this site dead or wat?
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dania » heys! you know, being wierd is normal but being normal is wierd. get me? no worries, you're still good..
Maverick » Long time.... Hope u doin fine... TC n keep in tuch....
prof.SEmpoII » heehee thx for taggin me...I appreciate that! urs is kewl too! enjoy reading it
NiLzd4 » great blog...i enjoy read it...
AnenAn » Happy V day back 2 you to my lovely stalker!!!heehehe
Stalker » Happy V day!
hidden » hey, thanks for the comment like your blog. that photo up the top there - I know the feeling. I live with five
IejaBieja » hey, thanks 4 da compliment on my blog...ur blog is way much better than mine...
AnenAn » aww.. you're so sweet dania!! thnx
dania » btw, you're as original as you can get
dania » heyya! it's been awhile since i was here. the thought of bbq makes me hungry..hmm..oh well heyya! hope things are brighter for you. have fun tho!
Stalker » Stalkeeeeeeee.
Adreen » helo.. nice blog u have here..
lynne » hello,thanx for praise,welcome to visit my other site!click my name if you likei will be back later
drifter » hey, nice blog u have here.
AnenAn » thankies for the lil gift,stalkerrr!!!
stalkerrrrrr » stalky stalkyyyy
lynne » hi
Splotch! » Hiya BDI'er
BDI Stalker Project » A very important stalker update has been posted at Stalker Headquarters. Please read and respond asap! Thank you! Hugs!
fistingsnogs » Assalamualaikum, Nice blog you have here.
sam » i have my sources
Pandora » Hiya! Thanks for coming by Wyld Fey! Feel free to visit my other pad, Lamia, also. You've got a REALLY great place here! I have lil time, but I'd love to link to you from Wyld Fey!
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KappaFuzion » Thanks for commenting, anenan. Nice blog here
Friday's Child » Hi - welcome to BDI. Did you know some of your images aren't showing? Iunderstand if you change the image extenstion to txt instead of jpg or gif they will work ... don't quote me on this though
lynne »
chibigarrett » is where i got it
invisible » hello...thanks for stopping by, nice place you have here...